Gauthier Vineyard-Barhamsville, VA

Gauthier Vineyard is a quiet sanctuary tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Richmond and the Williamsburg, VA area and is just what the doctor ordered after a super long and extremely busy week.  We started our morning out with a fantastic hike around the Waller Mill Park in Williamsburg and then hopped onto I-64 for a quick jaunt over to the vineyard.  The setting is beautiful and they offer a wide variety of events throughout the year, so check back often as there is always something to do!  We both signed up for a full tasting and found the rose flavored Traminette exceptional, much to our surprise after reading the description.  We LOVED it.  We finished off our visit with a chilled glass on the deck overlooking the pond area and let the sun warm and refresh us.  Needless to say, a hike….  glass of cool wine… and some sunshine just makes me want to munch so we scooted on over to Kreggers Tap & Table in Ashland for a tasty grub session including a delicious MacDaddy sandwich.  This monster sandwich features a substantial amount of BBQ and a yummy topping of decadent Mac n Cheese!  You’ll have to stop in and try it!!!  (Sidenote…. that uber fab water bottle was made for us by the fantastic SpringerMade. Check out her online store and customize a bottle, sign, coffee mug, etc of your own! ).



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