Virginia Beer Company- Williamsburg, VA

What can I say…. I’m a HUGE sucker for all things Huckleberry.  Let me tell you where my obsession with this delightful little berry comes from- I’m a Western Girl at heart and to the core.  We used to spend our summers in and around the Yellowstone National Park area with family when I was a kid, since it was such a short trip from our home base in Wyoming/Idaho.  While there, we were introduced to the yumminess of a huckleberry soda, then came the jams and jellies, next of course would be the ice creams and cheesecakes at Trudy’s Kitchen in Idaho City, ID. They’ve even made wine out of it and can be found as a staple at Ste. Chapelle in Caldwell, ID.  Oh my word… I love it!!

SO, with that being said…when I heard Virginia Beer Company had crafted a beer with my favorite flavor of my childhood- I couldn’t resist!  I literally threw my clothes on and headed straight for the Mecca!  It’s beyond delicious, not overly sweet… but offers just a hint of the fruit flavor at the end. I’m hoping they decide to do it all again, as I’m sure by now the keg has run dry.  While there, we were treated to a new food truck we’ve never experienced before- Two Drummers Offbeat Eats.  They have a wonderful barbecue plate featuring the best brisket I’ve had since leaving Nashville and Jack’s Bar-B-Que!

In closing, Thank You Virginia Beer Company and your amazing brewmaster who decided Huckleberry should make an appearance, you sure made this westerner feel a little less homesick!





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