Labor Day Weekend- Williamsburg, VA

Wow….. that’s the best way to open up this little series of tales of our Labor Day weekend festivities.  I (Rebecca) was super excited to have a friend from out of town visit us here in our new home, and we played the tourist thing to the HILT!  Our dining and drinking excursions started at one of my fave places to grub called Oceans & Ale.  It’s a perfect space for not only a large variety of local craft brews but a magnificent entourage of bites as well!  We bellied up to the bar and ordered our stouts for the evening and shared the crab and fish taco plates.  Making it an early night after a full day of traveling from the Nashville area, we hit the road running the next morning.  I took her down to the Merchants Square and decided on The Blue Talon Bistro for our first meal of the day.
This place didn’t disappoint, as the pricing was reasonable and the plates were layered with all kinds of delectables.  Leaving there, we were stuffed and so we decided to walk it off a bit and wandered in and out of the boutiques.  There are so many options in that little walk, you could literally get lost for hours.  A must do and see is the Mermaid Books located under Kilwins Candy Shoppe!  It’s a treasure trove of used books, and I can’t tell you how much fun I have wandering around the space!  After walking off our meals and window shopping our little hearts out, we decided a quick stop into the DoG St. Pub was
called for.  We tried a few flights with 3 different options each and took to people watching on the patio space out front.   Our service was friendly and efficient, and helped us learn a bit more about the area and what to do next.  Since we wanted to purchase a few take aways, we ventured just around the corner to check out the Hair of the Dog Bottle Shop

showcasing over 750 different beers, ales, stouts, IPAs and the like.  They even have their own little tasting area in the back of the store and we had a fantastic server names John (ask for him…. he’s hilarious!).  We, of course, had another little taster flight there with 8 different beers and chatted up the other tourists coming in.   The last day of the trip, we stopped for a quick bit to eat at the amazing Emily’s Donuts before we scooted over to the Yorktown Riverwalk and Battlefield.   That area has so much history wrapped up in it, and so many little nooks and crannies to check out.  We walked all over the buildings and learned more about some of our first settlers of America.  Before running her to the airport, I wanted to send her off on a high note… so we stopped into the
New Kent Winery and relaxed after our wine tastings with a glass of Merlot on the covered deck.  It was an amazing weekend and I can’t wait to show more people around our adopted home town!



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