8 Shires Coloniale Distillery- Williamsburg, VA

September is Craft Spirit Month here in Virginia.  We thought we’d start out in our own backyard and take a tour of the 8 Shires Coloniale Distillery here in Williamsburg, VA.  This unique setting offers the “feel” of drinking, socializing and dining back in the day with traditional pub seating and board games/cards to pass the time.  The owner named the place in honor of the original 8 shires of Virginia, and they try to stay true to the original recipes used hundreds of years ago.  Our tasting flight included a nice maple bourbon, silver rum and beautiful gold rum.  I can most certainly say my favorite is the bourbon.  We were offered a travelers plate to snack on including cheese, crackers, jerky, pickles and a biscuit with jam.  It was a nice accompaniment to the spirits.

After we sampled, we figured we’d head to a restaurant and try a few cocktails made with them so we headed on over to La Terrazza for dinner and drinks.   The Electric Lemonade has a bit of rum in it and was refreshing, while the man guzzled his Long Island Iced Tea with the same.  All in all, it’s going to be an interesting Spirits Month as we are definitely stepping out of our comfort zone… but, it’s fun to learn about the processes and tasting something new.





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