Oh Cleveland, you surprised me!

What can I say…. when I think of Cleveland I don’t exactly think of a fun filled weekend get away (Sorry CLE), but I was pleasantly surprised!  I’ve wanted to see The Christmas Story House and Museum for as long as I can remember.  The movie has been a long standing tradition growing up, and continues to be for my children and I to this day.  The Mister has been prepping for a marathon for a while now, and I noticed a 5k/10k sponsored by the House with the proceeds going to the local community to update and renovate the homes in the area!  Win/Win!  I asked if he might be interested, he asked when we were leaving, so needless to say…. he was signed up and I was dreaming of the house and how cool it was going to be to see it FINALLY!  We got in on a Friday afternoon and decided to go ahead and hit the house and museum before the craziness of the run the next morning.  It was so much fun to be surrounded by other fans of the movie and living out the scenes in my head while we walked around and took pictures.  After the tour, we popped over to the Rowley Inn for what has to be the most amazing Mac N Cheese I’ve ever devoured.  I couldn’t help myself, I ate more than I should even admit to.  We then waddled back to the car and hotel and tried catching a good nights sleep before the early call time for the race.  Our hotel was GORGEOUS… if you’re ever in the area make sure to stay at the Hyatt at the Arcade.  The interior space was renovated, but kept true to the historic details.  The rooms inside were amazing and updated with modern touches though, so we were extremely comfortable.

In the morning, we braved the cold 28 degree temps with blustery wind for his race and were greeted with almost 4000 other fans dressed to the nines in their movie costumes and getups.  It was so much fun!  They did mention that on Dec. 17th, Fox will be airing a live A Christmas Story show, so tune in…. and you JUST MIGHT see us in the shots they filmed while getting ready to run!  The Mister finished in a better time than he anticipated and was handed his Major Award that will be proudly displayed on our tree from this year forward!  After warming back up, we changed and headed to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.  This building is outrageous and there is so much to take in, I could have spent an entire week and still not shown the true respect each and every display deserved.

Of course, being The Tipsy Tourists, we had to research and visit a few breweries while in the area and snacked in style.  Noble Beast Brewing was a short walk from the Hall of Fame and had a delicious serving of Nachos to accompany our brews.  I had the delicious Oatmeal Stout, while the Mister enjoyed the Imperial Cookies & Cream Stout.  Both AMAZING!  Our next stop on the tasting trail was the Masthead Brewing Company.  This was probably the biggest brewery I’ve ever experienced.  I decided with as many taps as they had going on, I needed to do a flight to sip a few instead of just having one.  I had everything from a full bodied Pumpkin to a crisp IPA, and enjoyed each and every one of them.  We had dinner while there and split a large Kale Salad and White pizza with spinach and chicken.

To say we had fun, would be an understatement.  The getaway weekends are such a nice way to unplug and unwind for a few.  Share your travels with us or where you think we’d enjoy.  I’m in full planning mode for the upcoming year and want to take full advantage of living on the East Coast.


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